Asoc. de Barmans Asturias

"Muy sedoso en el paladar y limpio al ingerirlo. Es indudable su gran potencial en coctelería, donde destacaría en el Bloody Mary."

Niño perdido

“A vodka with its own name, very neutral and with great possibilities in the cocktail world owing to its reminiscences of sherry.”

Il Bambino

“Fresh, silky, aromatic…
With tonic or with ginger, it’s really surprising.”

I + Drink

“A very complex and original vodka, different from all those found on the market today.
It’s perfect in a Moscow Mule.”

Coctelería Versovia

“Very balanced and powerful mouthfeel. On the nose one can appreciate interesting aromas of sherry and raisins.”

El Aladino

“Abyssal is surprising for its great quality in every respect.”

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